Pop of Color: Yellow Lace Dress

Recently, I have noticed that most of the color hues coming out are warm or dark colors – brown, white, black, maroon to name a few. These colors look monotonous and bland.

It makes you want to look for a dress that will pop. I decided to have a search online and found this Michael Kors yellow lace dress. The main color of the dress, yellow, does not scream attention but actually demands it. The dress catches your eye and the detail of the dress is also elegant. I like that the lining inside the dress is mustard. White would have been okay but its current color makes the yellow stand out more.

yellow lace dress

If this dress were mine, I would probably wear it on a day trip for say a picnic at a countryside wherein I can wear a cute hat and a pair of sunglasses to complete my look. You can also use this dress for teatime with friends or when you have that all-girls function wherein everyone needs to be in their formal attire.

Yellow is such a fun and vibrant color. It’s like it lightens up a room when someone wearing this color goes inside a restaurant where almost everyone wears neutral colors.

Since I am so pumped into searching for this pop of color, I stumbled upon this 1950 vintage yellow lace dress from Etsy. It is not as bright as the MK dress and is actually a pale yellow. The soft yellow hue brings out the femininity of the dress. The detail on the lace is nice and it has that satin mustard colored bow in the middle to serve as an accent to the dress.

yellow lace dress

I think the dress can stand on its own, without the bow. You can add a cardigan to this outfit– white if you want to stay formal but a royal blue can work its magic too. For your hair, you can have it as a ponytail and use the mustard bow to tie up your hair. Another option is to use a headband to complete the vintage look.

You can check out the dresses on Resultly and see if there is anything you might fancy.

Whatever your skin color, yellow will and can really make you stand out from the crowd. It instantly makes you look bubbly without even having to make an extra effort to do so but of course, the magic of this color will not work if you do not also give it your best smile.

Nude sandals and ankle bracelets

What does every girl need a pair of? Nude sandals and some ankle bracelets. There is nothing cuter or simpler in the summertime sadness than a cute pair of strappy sandals with some ankle bracelets to match!

sandals nude sandals

There are so many various ankle bracelets happening right now, much different than the string ones we used to make when we were younger. Retailers and designers are starting to make ankle jewelry, which as you can see is much different. They are elaborate pieces of art, beads, string, and straps to give your feet a little extra style at the beach.

If you’re like me and watch the Fabulist, Kristin Cavallari voted against the new trend, but I must say I have to disagree. I honestly have cute, skinny little feet, and while I originally disagreed as well for two reasons: tan lines and covering the skinniest part on my body, I do feel like they bring something to the table. While they will still give you mad tan lines, that’s why these are only good for when you’re out in public! Get the rest of your feet tan lines evened out on those off days when it’s just you, your dog, a nice big towel, and some tunes laying out in your backyard. So, why the nude sandal necessity?

Well, for starters it’ll match any jewelry and any outfit any time. Additionally, it blends very nicely with my skin tone, so you can A notice the jewelry even better and B it looks like you’re not even wearing shoes! But in all honesty, you don’t have to worry about clashing colors in this case. Adding some pops of color to your feet can drastically change your usual picking out your outfit routine. You now have an added piece to incorporate into your look, and that could get tricky. Keeping your shoe basic and sticking with a nude or skin color tone is always  a good trick I like to use when unsure of what to go with.

Check out some of my fav nude sandals: http://www.result.ly/Search/nude%20sandals

So, are both these purchase worth it? Well, I’ll tell you a couple summertime places and activities that you can get the ultimate exposure out of them while looking in place.

– the beach
– the pool
– concerts
– festivals
– parks
– outdoor anything
– dates
– drive in movie
– picnics
– bbq

Basically, the only time you might get some weird looks wearing these pieces is at church. haha. Especially if you’re a boho chic kind of girl, people won’t even look twice. So if you take my advice just remember to keep it cool, keep it fab, and rock the look with your heart out! There’s no better accessory than confidence so you go!

 Click here for more barefoot sandals.

How to wear cigarette pants  842

Cigarette pants have been around for ages! Audrey Hepburn made them very popular in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

cigarette pants

This chic look is still popular today. Seriously, a pair of black cigarette pants, with flats and a black crew neck sweater will never go out of style.

There are a ton of ways you can wear cigarette pants. First, you need to find the perfect pair. I like shopping via Resultly. They give me a ton of options. Check out my cigarette pants results here! There are so many cute options to choose from!

cigarette pants

There are a ton of ways to style them. I got some ideas from sosueme You can get a pair of cute printed cigarette pants and wear them with a printed button up short. That whole print on print is super in right now.  I just love how she styled them with a pop of bright red in her shoes.

A chic way to wear cigarette pants is by wearing a solid color pair with a matching blazer for a fun play on a woman’s tuxedo. You can even play around with bright colors or having the blazer and pants be different colors. Have fun with it.

Another way to wear cigarette pants is by adding some sex apparel and pairing them with a cute crop top or bralet. This look is super popular on the red carpet. You can even wear a crop top under a blazer for a fun classy meets sassy vibe.

For a more polished look, wear cigarette pants with a simple white shirt tucked in. This is a classic look that will always be in style. I is truly timeless.

Cigarette pants are a great investment. They look super cute and flirty with a pair of ballet flats. You can also dress them up with some ankle strap heels. Go a little wild and add a pair of funky wedges. Or you can stay all business in a pair of chic pointy toe heels.

The sky is the limit so embrace cigarette pants and get in on this style trend!


Black and White Jumpsuits FTW

I love reality TV and there’s prob no guiltier pleasure I have more than it. E! to Bravo to MTV and more, that’s what you’ll find me watching each night before going upstairs to bed, as much as my brother likes to make fun of me for it. So of course I watch Kendra On Top and definitely know who Jessica Hall is. So I love that she always wears the classic black and white jumpsuit on the show. I feel like it can totally be worn day and night. I don’t even know which it was designed for but it looks so on point in both settings!

Here’s a list of my top picks with links for where to find it as well! Happy shopping i hope you guys like my taste. Leave comments or tweet at me to let me know your thoughts, what you liked, and what you didn’t!

The Groovy Suit

white jumpsuit

This one’s from Revolve Clothing. I call it my groovy suit because of the wide flair at the foot. With the right accessories you can turn this look from casual chic to high fashion in a matter of minutes. That’s my favorite part about some gold bangles and a statement necklace.. to be worn under the collar FYI! The high neckline makes it ultra fab and ultra runway like.

The Super Glam

white jumpsuit

I mean in all honesty this one doesn’t need much explaining. As you can see it’s FAB. I love the pockets, i love the sweetheart neckline, i love the loose, yet form fitting upholstery and I love that it’s white! I’m running through all the occasions a jumpsuit like this could work and it’s almost endless. White after labor day is a thing of the past, also, let’s be honest. Think of all those amazing white pea coats you see women wearing. This one is from Akira but I actually found this one and a bunch of other super cute ones on Resultly.

I don’t know, I am just obsessed with jumpsuits right now. Like even switching out her heel for a pair of flats takes this look from night to day. And if you’re going to work just throw a blazer on over it. It doesn’t get any easier than that now does it?! Just be careful out on date night not to drip some marinara from the calamari on it, I don’t see that coming out too easily..

The Casual Chic

white jumpsuit

This clinched waist, loose pant, and spaghetti strap just screams casual chic to me, which is a great thing. There is nothing better than being comfortable and looking amazing at the same time. You can also pair a colored belt with this one to add a pop of color. This one comes in black, which is what I preferred because you can wear it in any season, however the image they only have in white.

So there you have it, black and white jumpsuits for days. Get ‘em while they’re hot!


Thinking of Summer Days

It’s getting cold, so I like to think ahead. Let’s imagine that we’ve waved goodbye to holidays and welcomed summer back! And what great way to welcome it but to prepare our closet with the latest Spring Summer 2015 trends. According to some trend spotting websites like trendspot.com , vogue, harpersbazaar.com some of Summer 2015 trends composes of prints , tropical’s, monochromatic, pastels, un even silhouettes, utilitarian clothing.

As a dress lover myself, I love playing with dresses with all varieties of prints, silhouettes. There are maxi dress, mid length dress, formal dress, cocktail dress. Some prints are big full prints, some are small detailed prints, some even have embroideries, sequences, beads. Materials vary from light fabrics like cotton, chiffon, georgette, stretch jersey while some have heavy structured fabrics like hull dull, heavy jersey, lacoste fabric, woven fabric, leathers, furs. It all depends on what type of person you are. Do you like dressing up formally always, the glamorous look or do you want it more laid back style or do you want it to be like a rocker chic type.


They also vary in silhouettes, depending on your body type, if you are heavy on the top body go for the dress that will balance your heavy top with your bottom. For heavy bottoms or pear shaped body go for A-line skirts like this dress from American Eagle as it emphasize more on your tiny waist.

For the heaven gifted body which means your top and bottom are balanced and you have a perfect waistline go for a dress that will reveal your sexy hourglass shape.

Dresses are so easy to wear, I can pair them with any shoulder bag or backpack or pouch and match them with any shoes. I feel so easy wearing them, it’s like I am free to do all the things I want to do, it isn’t stiff that controls my movement or make it un easy for me to move.

I am very excited to give my closet new dresses this summer so I started browsing online to fashion sites like Forever21, Zara, H&M, American Eagle and etc.)

sunflower dress

There are actually many beautiful dresses to choose from many fashion brand sites but what caught my attention is this dress from Resultly.  This site comes very handy, you just search for the item that you want, for me I typed sunflower dress and voila! The results are there! All the sunflower dresses available from known fashion brands are posted there, it is easier and faster to look for the perfect dress. It’s like a fashion library!

Fold Over Combat Boots?!


Who could  imagine that I will ever buy and wear fold over combat boots like this one: http://www.result.ly/Search/fold%20over%20combat%20boots ever in my life?  I can bet that none of my friends or family members.

Since I was old enough to wear and pick shoes I like,  my shoes choice was Heels. It did not matter if it is summer or winter, I would find appropriate weather shoes on heels. You kill me, I would never wear those ugly flats ever on a date or a night out. The only time I would wear flip-flops is the beach time. (I can not wait when one will come up with comfy flip-flops on a heels).

However, last month I mentioned everyone in those fold over combat boots… All my friends became crazy about this style and I thought  that maybe it is a perfect time for me to try something new. It was not like I did not have anything to wear this fall, but who can resist another reason to shop?

My friends found theirs boots in some stores on Michigan avenue (Nordstrom, I think). But, I am a very busy person with school, homework and plus I have to work all weekend night at the restaurant, so going to department stores and spend hours on trying boots on , was not an option for me. Especially, since it is kind of cold outside.

The best idea I could come up with is to shop for these boots online, so I started searching for a perfect pair of fold over combat boots on my favorite shopping app Resultly. I had no idea how many choices they could possibly have. Anything from twenty dollars up to five hundreds dollars for those boots. Since, I was not a crazy fan of this style anyways I did not want to spend too much , or was looking for a specific brand. If I was looking for another pair of heels, of course I would spend more time and money in order to find some good deal and brand.  

I really like one pair of boots from Banana Republic. It was black color, nothing crazy…no platform or too much stuff on them and the price was great too (a hundred of dollars). The only problem I had left is that I had nothing to wear it with. I had to find something like skinny jeans and a long sweater. So, I went to Macy’s , it was on my way to work and I was lucky to find a nice black sweater and dark blue jeans like in fifteen minutes.

The weekend came and my friends wanted to go out for brunch, and I thought it was a perfect time to shock them with my new look in  combat boots! I can not even tell you how surprised they were! They loved it and told me that I should wear it more often. And to be honest I kind of like them too, even though it is not my favorite style; however, these fold over combat boots are super fun to wear once in a while!

The Not So Basic White Shirt  91

I am all about simplicity, as you know. What’s simpler than a white shirt? Ever since I was a child I always managed to get my clothing dirty, and even now as a college grad it continues. Don’t get me wrong though, white is an essential color. Similar to black, white is a universal color that can be paired with anything. White is actually the summation of all the colors combined. I know, that’s a little difficult to grasp. But, the point is white is an essential color to have in your closet.

Even if you have to be on your feet the whole time when you’re wearing your favorite white shirt, it is definitely worth the struggle. And as a bonus you can always bleach white! Take a look at how iconic Audrey Hepburn wore this white button down.



Don’t worry, I wasn’t referring to the shirt paired with no pants. My point is simply that the white shirt is a classic, and how could I not bring up Audrey in that equation. One of my favorite ways to wear a white shirt is either a classic white button down such as audrey or a simple tee. Let’s start with the classic white button down. The white button down can bed worn for any occasion. Slip the button-down into your jeans and a pair of booties for a day look. Pair an oversized white button-down with burgundy colored leggings or black leather leggings, and a pair of platforms. Or you can even pair the button-down to work with some dress pants or a pencil skirt.


As you can see the button-down I posted above can be used in any of the three situations I mentioned above.

If you want to get a more casual look, get a white tee or white tank-top. These could also be used in any occasion, but I like to use it for more casual outfits.  A perfect top to wear for a pregnancy is a flowy shirt. One of my favorite flowy maternity shirts are the peplum tops. They disguise a baby bump to an extent, while keeping your outfit very classy. The peplum tank-top below is a perfect maternity shirt. And don’t be disguised by the white. If you have the right fabric, the white shirt can still work with your outfit.


I have one last tip about white shirts before I end this piece. Always make sure you check out your outfit in a mirror with good lighting- and I stress the good lighting. Just like most girls, I have a favorite bra. It is mostly for comfort reasons, but it is also a sexy comfy bra which always makes a girl feel good. Anyway, one morning I routinely put on my favorite hot pink comfortable bra in a semi-dark room, and of course paired it with a white shirt. As you might guess the rest of the day was not so good, especially when I had to stand in front of the class when giving a short one minute presentation. However, don’t let this story frighten you because even after this humiliating event I still make sure to keep a nice collection of white shirts in my closet. If you need more ideas check out Resultly’s collection of white shirts.