Black and White Jumpsuits FTW

I love reality TV and there’s prob no guiltier pleasure I have more than it. E! to Bravo to MTV and more, that’s what you’ll find me watching each night before going upstairs to bed, as much as my brother likes to make fun of me for it. So of course I watch Kendra On Top and definitely know who Jessica Hall is. So I love that she always wears the classic black and white jumpsuit on the show. I feel like it can totally be worn day and night. I don’t even know which it was designed for but it looks so on point in both settings!

Here’s a list of my top picks with links for where to find it as well! Happy shopping i hope you guys like my taste. Leave comments or tweet at me to let me know your thoughts, what you liked, and what you didn’t!

The Groovy Suit

white jumpsuit

This one’s from Revolve Clothing. I call it my groovy suit because of the wide flair at the foot. With the right accessories you can turn this look from casual chic to high fashion in a matter of minutes. That’s my favorite part about some gold bangles and a statement necklace.. to be worn under the collar FYI! The high neckline makes it ultra fab and ultra runway like.

The Super Glam

white jumpsuit

I mean in all honesty this one doesn’t need much explaining. As you can see it’s FAB. I love the pockets, i love the sweetheart neckline, i love the loose, yet form fitting upholstery and I love that it’s white! I’m running through all the occasions a jumpsuit like this could work and it’s almost endless. White after labor day is a thing of the past, also, let’s be honest. Think of all those amazing white pea coats you see women wearing. This one is from Akira but I actually found this one and a bunch of other super cute ones on Resultly.

I don’t know, I am just obsessed with jumpsuits right now. Like even switching out her heel for a pair of flats takes this look from night to day. And if you’re going to work just throw a blazer on over it. It doesn’t get any easier than that now does it?! Just be careful out on date night not to drip some marinara from the calamari on it, I don’t see that coming out too easily..

The Casual Chic

white jumpsuit

This clinched waist, loose pant, and spaghetti strap just screams casual chic to me, which is a great thing. There is nothing better than being comfortable and looking amazing at the same time. You can also pair a colored belt with this one to add a pop of color. This one comes in black, which is what I preferred because you can wear it in any season, however the image they only have in white.

So there you have it, black and white jumpsuits for days. Get ‘em while they’re hot!


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