Fold Over Combat Boots?!


Who could  imagine that I will ever buy and wear fold over combat boots like this one: ever in my life?  I can bet that none of my friends or family members.

Since I was old enough to wear and pick shoes I like,  my shoes choice was Heels. It did not matter if it is summer or winter, I would find appropriate weather shoes on heels. You kill me, I would never wear those ugly flats ever on a date or a night out. The only time I would wear flip-flops is the beach time. (I can not wait when one will come up with comfy flip-flops on a heels).

However, last month I mentioned everyone in those fold over combat boots… All my friends became crazy about this style and I thought  that maybe it is a perfect time for me to try something new. It was not like I did not have anything to wear this fall, but who can resist another reason to shop?

My friends found theirs boots in some stores on Michigan avenue (Nordstrom, I think). But, I am a very busy person with school, homework and plus I have to work all weekend night at the restaurant, so going to department stores and spend hours on trying boots on , was not an option for me. Especially, since it is kind of cold outside.

The best idea I could come up with is to shop for these boots online, so I started searching for a perfect pair of fold over combat boots on my favorite shopping app Resultly. I had no idea how many choices they could possibly have. Anything from twenty dollars up to five hundreds dollars for those boots. Since, I was not a crazy fan of this style anyways I did not want to spend too much , or was looking for a specific brand. If I was looking for another pair of heels, of course I would spend more time and money in order to find some good deal and brand.  

I really like one pair of boots from Banana Republic. It was black color, nothing crazy…no platform or too much stuff on them and the price was great too (a hundred of dollars). The only problem I had left is that I had nothing to wear it with. I had to find something like skinny jeans and a long sweater. So, I went to Macy’s , it was on my way to work and I was lucky to find a nice black sweater and dark blue jeans like in fifteen minutes.

The weekend came and my friends wanted to go out for brunch, and I thought it was a perfect time to shock them with my new look in  combat boots! I can not even tell you how surprised they were! They loved it and told me that I should wear it more often. And to be honest I kind of like them too, even though it is not my favorite style; however, these fold over combat boots are super fun to wear once in a while!

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