Nude sandals and ankle bracelets

What does every girl need a pair of? Nude sandals and some ankle bracelets. There is nothing cuter or simpler in the summertime sadness than a cute pair of strappy sandals with some ankle bracelets to match!

sandals nude sandals

There are so many various ankle bracelets happening right now, much different than the string ones we used to make when we were younger. Retailers and designers are starting to make ankle jewelry, which as you can see is much different. They are elaborate pieces of art, beads, string, and straps to give your feet a little extra style at the beach.

If you’re like me and watch the Fabulist, Kristin Cavallari voted against the new trend, but I must say I have to disagree. I honestly have cute, skinny little feet, and while I originally disagreed as well for two reasons: tan lines and covering the skinniest part on my body, I do feel like they bring something to the table. While they will still give you mad tan lines, that’s why these are only good for when you’re out in public! Get the rest of your feet tan lines evened out on those off days when it’s just you, your dog, a nice big towel, and some tunes laying out in your backyard. So, why the nude sandal necessity?

Well, for starters it’ll match any jewelry and any outfit any time. Additionally, it blends very nicely with my skin tone, so you can A notice the jewelry even better and B it looks like you’re not even wearing shoes! But in all honesty, you don’t have to worry about clashing colors in this case. Adding some pops of color to your feet can drastically change your usual picking out your outfit routine. You now have an added piece to incorporate into your look, and that could get tricky. Keeping your shoe basic and sticking with a nude or skin color tone is always  a good trick I like to use when unsure of what to go with.

Check out some of my fav nude sandals:

So, are both these purchase worth it? Well, I’ll tell you a couple summertime places and activities that you can get the ultimate exposure out of them while looking in place.

– the beach
– the pool
– concerts
– festivals
– parks
– outdoor anything
– dates
– drive in movie
– picnics
– bbq

Basically, the only time you might get some weird looks wearing these pieces is at church. haha. Especially if you’re a boho chic kind of girl, people won’t even look twice. So if you take my advice just remember to keep it cool, keep it fab, and rock the look with your heart out! There’s no better accessory than confidence so you go!

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