The Not So Basic White Shirt  91

I am all about simplicity, as you know. What’s simpler than a white shirt? Ever since I was a child I always managed to get my clothing dirty, and even now as a college grad it continues. Don’t get me wrong though, white is an essential color. Similar to black, white is a universal color that can be paired with anything. White is actually the summation of all the colors combined. I know, that’s a little difficult to grasp. But, the point is white is an essential color to have in your closet.

Even if you have to be on your feet the whole time when you’re wearing your favorite white shirt, it is definitely worth the struggle. And as a bonus you can always bleach white! Take a look at how iconic Audrey Hepburn wore this white button down.



Don’t worry, I wasn’t referring to the shirt paired with no pants. My point is simply that the white shirt is a classic, and how could I not bring up Audrey in that equation. One of my favorite ways to wear a white shirt is either a classic white button down such as audrey or a simple tee. Let’s start with the classic white button down. The white button down can bed worn for any occasion. Slip the button-down into your jeans and a pair of booties for a day look. Pair an oversized white button-down with burgundy colored leggings or black leather leggings, and a pair of platforms. Or you can even pair the button-down to work with some dress pants or a pencil skirt.


As you can see the button-down I posted above can be used in any of the three situations I mentioned above.

If you want to get a more casual look, get a white tee or white tank-top. These could also be used in any occasion, but I like to use it for more casual outfits.  A perfect top to wear for a pregnancy is a flowy shirt. One of my favorite flowy maternity shirts are the peplum tops. They disguise a baby bump to an extent, while keeping your outfit very classy. The peplum tank-top below is a perfect maternity shirt. And don’t be disguised by the white. If you have the right fabric, the white shirt can still work with your outfit.

I have one last tip about white shirts before I end this piece. Always make sure you check out your outfit in a mirror with good lighting- and I stress the good lighting. Just like most girls, I have a favorite bra. It is mostly for comfort reasons, but it is also a sexy comfy bra which always makes a girl feel good. Anyway, one morning I routinely put on my favorite hot pink comfortable bra in a semi-dark room, and of course paired it with a white shirt. As you might guess the rest of the day was not so good, especially when I had to stand in front of the class when giving a short one minute presentation. However, don’t let this story frighten you because even after this humiliating event I still make sure to keep a nice collection of white shirts in my closet. If you need more ideas check out Resultly’s collection of white shirts.


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