Thinking of Summer Days

It’s getting cold, so I like to think ahead. Let’s imagine that we’ve waved goodbye to holidays and welcomed summer back! And what great way to welcome it but to prepare our closet with the latest Spring Summer 2015 trends. According to some trend spotting websites like , vogue, some of Summer 2015 trends composes of prints , tropical’s, monochromatic, pastels, un even silhouettes, utilitarian clothing.

As a dress lover myself, I love playing with dresses with all varieties of prints, silhouettes. There are maxi dress, mid length dress, formal dress, cocktail dress. Some prints are big full prints, some are small detailed prints, some even have embroideries, sequences, beads. Materials vary from light fabrics like cotton, chiffon, georgette, stretch jersey while some have heavy structured fabrics like hull dull, heavy jersey, lacoste fabric, woven fabric, leathers, furs. It all depends on what type of person you are. Do you like dressing up formally always, the glamorous look or do you want it more laid back style or do you want it to be like a rocker chic type.


They also vary in silhouettes, depending on your body type, if you are heavy on the top body go for the dress that will balance your heavy top with your bottom. For heavy bottoms or pear shaped body go for A-line skirts like this dress from American Eagle as it emphasize more on your tiny waist.

For the heaven gifted body which means your top and bottom are balanced and you have a perfect waistline go for a dress that will reveal your sexy hourglass shape.

Dresses are so easy to wear, I can pair them with any shoulder bag or backpack or pouch and match them with any shoes. I feel so easy wearing them, it’s like I am free to do all the things I want to do, it isn’t stiff that controls my movement or make it un easy for me to move.

I am very excited to give my closet new dresses this summer so I started browsing online to fashion sites like Forever21, Zara, H&M, American Eagle and etc.)

sunflower dress

There are actually many beautiful dresses to choose from many fashion brand sites but what caught my attention is this dress from Resultly.  This site comes very handy, you just search for the item that you want, for me I typed sunflower dress and voila! The results are there! All the sunflower dresses available from known fashion brands are posted there, it is easier and faster to look for the perfect dress. It’s like a fashion library!

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