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Pop of Color: Yellow Lace Dress

Recently, I have noticed that most of the color hues coming out are warm or dark colors – brown, white, black, maroon to name a few. These colors look monotonous and bland.

It makes you want to look for a dress that will pop. I decided to have a search online and found this Michael Kors yellow lace dress. The main color of the dress, yellow, does not scream attention but actually demands it. The dress catches your eye and the detail of the dress is also elegant. I like that the lining inside the dress is mustard. White would have been okay but its current color makes the yellow stand out more.

yellow lace dress

If this dress were mine, I would probably wear it on a day trip for say a picnic at a countryside wherein I can wear a cute hat and a pair of sunglasses to complete my look. You can also use this dress for teatime with friends or when you have that all-girls function wherein everyone needs to be in their formal attire.

Yellow is such a fun and vibrant color. It’s like it lightens up a room when someone wearing this color goes inside a restaurant where almost everyone wears neutral colors.

Since I am so pumped into searching for this pop of color, I stumbled upon this 1950 vintage yellow lace dress from Etsy. It is not as bright as the MK dress and is actually a pale yellow. The soft yellow hue brings out the femininity of the dress. The detail on the lace is nice and it has that satin mustard colored bow in the middle to serve as an accent to the dress.

yellow lace dress

I think the dress can stand on its own, without the bow. You can add a cardigan to this outfit– white if you want to stay formal but a royal blue can work its magic too. For your hair, you can have it as a ponytail and use the mustard bow to tie up your hair. Another option is to use a headband to complete the vintage look.

You can check out the dresses on Resultly and see if there is anything you might fancy.

Whatever your skin color, yellow will and can really make you stand out from the crowd. It instantly makes you look bubbly without even having to make an extra effort to do so but of course, the magic of this color will not work if you do not also give it your best smile.